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Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood on Mondays at 6 pm


Hillyard Neighborhood on Wednesdays at 6 pm


Hillyard Neighborhood on Thursdays at 6 pm

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Recent Articles

Embrace Suffering: Seeing God in the Storm

Suffering is something that will visit every one of us. Suffering is something that people in this world shun or run from. Suffering is something that displays the true nature of our world and our inward nature.

What is the Gospel? What does it do?

If one wants to really understand the condition of our world and hearts, and the decisive plan for redemption history, we must find out and know the origin and nature of sin. In Genesis 3:1-14, God through His Word lets us know not only how sin came in, but ultimately what sin did and does to all of creation.

Ask and See: God Wisdom

Have you ever read Scripture and delight filled your heart? The Psalmist talked about the Scriptures doing just that: bringing delight and being delighted in God’s word, resulting in delight in God.Here are some of the verses:

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