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Gospel Home Brew Podcast

The word brew means to prepare by boiling.

GetFileAttachmentThe purpose of the Gospel Home Brew is just that: to prepare hearts and minds to engage the Word of God together by letting it boil in us before we come together to discuss it. We at River City Spokane love the Bible and desire other to love it as well, and we feel that the best way to learn the Scriptures is to hear it, meditate on it, and engage it. If you are part of River City this podcast will be used to set the table for the weekly conversation in your gospel homes, and if you are not part of River City then we hope this podcast is used to stir you to prize Jesus more.



Introduction and Welcome

Current Study:

Lent: Pilgrimage to the Cross and the Gift of the Gospel

Week 29: Empty Tomb and Open Gates

Week 28: Lent: Born Blind

Week 27: Lent: Conceiving New Creation

Week 26: Lent: Dying For a Drink

Week 25: Lent: The Hike

Week 24: Lent: Wine and Souls

Week 23: Lent: The Greatest Need

Week 22: Lent: Origins and Purpose

Week 21: Giving and Receiving Life

Week 20: Shepherding the Heart

Week 17: Everyday Servants

Week 11: Advent: Origins and Purpose

Week 11: Wait: Reflecting on Jesus

Week 12: Prepare: Making Room for Jesus

Week 13: Rejoice: Delighting in Jesus

Week 14: Love: The Liberation of Jesus

Week 15: Behold: Seeing Jesus (A Christmas Meditation)

Week 16: Adore: Prizing Jesus Above All Things

Philippians: Indestructible Joy

Week 10: Lights of the world

Week 09: The Jesus-Centered Life

Week 08: Gospel Living Together

Week 07: A Life Worth Living and A Death Worth Dying

Week 06: Indestructible Joy

Week 05: Partnership and Prayerful in the Gospel

Week 04: Prison Bars and Joyful

Week 03: Hello, Philippi: Companion and Rescuer

Week 02: Hello, Philippi: Audience, Occasion, and Author

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