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Mark: The King and His Cross

Peter tell me everything you remember…”

Jesus has always been endlessly fascinating to people, yet few know the eye-witness record of Jesus found in this gospel.  Mark’s gospel provides a great opportunity to find out the truth about Jesus, taking you on a journey of discovery, as the disciples learn who Jesus really is. Find out or savor more for yourself just how much Mark has packed into his brief account of Jesus!

You’ll learn, beyond doubt, that Jesus is King, but also find answers to many questions:

Why does this promised king come in such a secret way?

Why is He powerful, yet opposed?

Why does He stop people talking about Him?

Why do some recognize Him, but not others?

This gospel aims to help each of us live with Jesus as our king. Jesus is the King. But He comes to serve and suffer, not to fight political battles. He is Israel’s Messiah. But He comes to judge those who believe they are already God’s people. He is the promised Rescuer, but He can’t even seem to save himself. Rejected by religious leaders, deserted by His followers, it seems everyone is missing who He really is. This is the King that chose the cross instead of a crow.

Journey with us as we follow behind the King and His cross to find out the answer to the question: Who is this Jesus?

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