River City Spokane

Our Story

Late one evening in the fall of 2013, Kerr came home to his family and said,

I feel like Jesus has said it is time to go.”

After talking for a bit, Kerr and Meghan both got on their knees and started praying. When they both got up, the two words that the Lord laid upon their hearts were:

  1. You are pregnant with a church.

  2. There is a people praying for you to come.

After talking with their pastor, they applied for the North American Missions Board and were connected to the Northwest regional director in Washington state, and immediately thier hearts were drawn to this area. After much prayer over the map and research they felt specifically that Jesus was leading them to plant a church in Spokane, Washington.

[su_quote class=”

“]River City Church is in the prenatal stage.[/su_quote]

River City will be birthed though the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the saints. Please join us in praying for Spokane and the people who live here. The enemy has a stronghold in many peoples’ lives and we are crying out and asking Jesus to break through and rescue people. River City Church will be a people all about Jesus, and all for the city.

Since Kerr, Meghan, and their four children arrived in April 2014, Jesus has stretched and challenged the Howells in a variety of ways. Risk taking is one way this church plant could be described. However, the sweet grace of Jesus has shocked and started River City. From “random” run ins at the park to pursuing certain people, God has begun the birthing process of River City. River City is still in the prenatal stage, but the community that is forming is refreshing. The church currently meets at the Howell’s new home on Thursday nights and is also in the process of starting another group soon on Tuesday Nights.

We Meet In Homes.

We Live Community.

We Are All About Jesus.

We Are All For This City.

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