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gospel home brew

The Gospel Home Brew is a resource from the River City Family to set the table for our gospel home discussions. Each week our gospel home shepherds share 15 to 20 minute teachings on the passages that will be discussed within the gospel homes. May the word of God brew in you so that you can help it stir in others. Click here for the gospel home brew podcast.

gospel roots

The Gospel Roots is a 12-week study on Gospel, Community, and Mission. It explores our Gospel Identities and Rhythms as a church, and will help you get connected to the heartbeat of River City Spokane. Download the manual here. For information about the next Gospel Roots course, email kerr@rivercityspokane.org

gospel heralds

We love to talk about Jesus! And we love to teach the Bible! Hear gospel heralds (messages) passionately shared by our church planter kerr howell jr who desires to see others treasure Jesus and come to know Jesus. Click Here.

philippians: the letter of indestructible joy

A Treasure Map For Authentic Christian Maturity

If you are a Christian or have been brought up in the Christian culture, you may have seen many bible verses from Philippians on t-shirts and school folders, footballs and bumper stickers, journals and coffee cups.

This is a letter drenched in the affections of Jesus Himself.

This is a letter that is suppose to disrupt you to the very core in an Godward way.

This amazing letter, from an affectionate author, as He challenges, encourages, and empowers us to Mature in our Jesus. We as a church have trekked through this letter for 14 weeks. Click Here to hear the brew or read the transcripts.

uproar: will you rise up? (free eBook)

Uproar2012Are you a man…or do you just think you are? Can you honestly say you know all that God calls for a man? This book, produced by the Heroic Alliance aims to clarify just that. This manuscript delves into the content and acts as a standalone guide to define manhood as the Bible does.

Co-authored by our church planter kerr howell jr. and men he loves and trusts.


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